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Salary Structure Of Nigerian Lecturers: Annual & Monthly Salary Of Nigerian Lecturers

Some couple of months ago, a keen reader of this blog contacted me and asked me to write on Salary Structure Of Nigerian Lecturers as he was very interested in knowing the authentic figure of how much Nigerian lecturer earn monthly and annually. This post will be discussing how much Nigerian professor and lecturers earn .

As at that the time he plead with me to create this post i didn’t have any idea on how much a Nigerian Lecturer (professor) earns per annum or monthly but i had to carry out a research so that i can be able to create this post. Our aims on this piece  is to provide for you how much a Nigerian lecturer earn . This will focus on levels like lecturer 2, senior lecturer and a professor in major university in Nigeria. All thanks to Nigerian lecturers and professors for their relentless efforts in educating our children, if not for them our society would have been filled with illiterates who can’t differentiate between  their left from right.

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Many Nigerian universities and polytechnics are filled with well educated and competent lecturers and professors who teach our children in exchange for their salary. One of the best paying profession in Nigeria today is lecturing job , some top Nigerian lecturers has been able to amass wealth for themselves with their lecturing job and they have building in all corners of Nigeria . Some of them are living that life while some of them are still living form hand to mouth because they don’t earn much which might be traced down to the power of their certificate. Let me tell you a secret, those lecturers that collect dues (Blocking) are the once enjoying the best time of their career. Your monthly or annual salary as a lecturer in Nigeria is determined by your certificate and position in the your institution.

Before you become a full lecturer in a country like Nigeria, you have to start as a graduate assistant before you become you climb higher to the stage of a lecturer  . You have to start from the scratch before you attain such heights. From what we understand from the salary structure of Nigerian lecturers ,  Nigerian professors earn more than the lectures who hasn’t attain the professor category. In fact, only few civil servants earn a salary that can be considered close to that of a professor.

Are you a graduate and you are thinking and pondering of becoming a lecturer in the future , maybe you love lecturing job very much — here is a of what you might earn from the job.


Salaries of Nigerian Lecturers (Monthly and annually Salary Scale)


♦ Lecturer II earns N1,649,509 to N1,979,640 yearly.

♦ Lecturer I is paid N2,079,996 to N2,684,010 per annum.

♦ Senior Lecturer earns N3,091,505 to 4,455,506 per annum.

♦ Reader earns N3,768,221 to N5,004,750 Naira yearly.

♦ A Professor in Nigeria earns N4,580,349 – N6,020,163 yearly.

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If you are vying to go into lecturing job in Nigeria and you have scanned through this Salaries of Nigerian Lecturers illustrated above, don’t be too carried away with the figures as there is stress associated with the job. From the recent survey carried out on Nigerian lecturers, our respondents emphasized that lecturing work in Nigeria is very stressful because of poor comprehension of some students in Nigerian higher institution.

Notwithstanding, you can do it because people have been in this educational sector for long and they are not complaining . They are  living large like they are politicians. One thing you should have in the back of your mind is that private universities pay higher than both state and federal universities.

to get the best out of your chosen career , you have to work with this hint. This article is brought to you by your number online portal,

Updated: May 21, 2017 — 11:30 am


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