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Swift 4G LTE Internet Data Plans & Prices

Complete Swift 4G LTE Internet Data Plans & Prices Made Easy

Swift 4G LTE Networks is one name that is widely known for super fast and supersonic internet services provider in Nigeria and they are really serious in the business today. Swift 4G LTE is a high-speed broadband internet in Nigeria that is making waves all over Africa and beyond.

As of July 2017, Swift Networks is one of the most popular and most patronized 4G LTE internet network provider in Nigeria and they have successfully covered some major states in the country. Swift is a popular internet network among majority of business minded people in Lagos, Nigeria. Swift is providing internet access to Nigerians through it 4G LTE and the automatic WiFi Hotspot that comes with free modem and multiple-user communication hub.

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Swift internet data plans are designed into three categories that include individual, residential and business purposes.


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Swift Internet Plan And Prices

— Swift Budget Data Plan (Valid for 7 days and comes with 300MB, 2Mbps) – N500

— Swift Budget Plus Internet Plan (Valid for 30 days and it comes with 1GB, 2Mbps) – 2000 Naira

— Swift Economy Plan (It validity period is 30 days and it comes with 3GB, 2Mbps) – N4,000

— Swift Essential Data Plan (Valid for 30 days, comes with 14GB, 2Mbps) – N7,000

— Swift Club Plan (This plan is valid for 30 days, 20GB, 2Mbps) – 10,000 NGN

— Swift Business Internet Plan (30 days validity period , 24GB, 2Mbps) – N12,000

— Swift Premium Internet Plan (Valid for 30 days, 30GB, 2Mbps) – N15,000

— Swift Elite Data Data Plan (Valid for 30 days, 46GB, 2Mbps) – N20,000

— Swift Elite Plus Internet Plan (Valid for 30 days, 60MB, 2Mbps) – N25,000


Swift Internet Modem And Access Hub Price

To use Swift internet access, you are going to need some hardware . As revealed in Swift 4G LTE website, there are two choice you have to make concerning the device: It is either you go with an internet modem or a communications hub.

Mind you, Swift network’s communications hub is sold for 18,000 Naira only.


  • SWIFT Liberty – N500
  • SWIFT Liberty Plus – N2,000
  • SWIFT Weekend – N3,000
  • SWIFT Basic – N7,000
  • SWIFT Homeplus – N8,000
  • SWIFT Lite – N3,000
  • SWIFT Basic Mini – N4,000
  • SWIFT Home – N6,000
  • SWIFT Basic New – N10,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Liberty – N500
  • SWIFT Hotspot Daily – N1,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Liberty Plus – N3,500
  • SWIFT Hotspot Basic Mini – N4,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Monthly – N15,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Professional – N15,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Premium – N25,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Weekly – N5,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot Basic – N7,000
  • SWIFT Hotspot 14 Days – N10,000
  • SWIFT Basic – N7,000 –
  • SWIFT Basic New
  • SWIFT Office – N12,000
  • SWIFT Professional New – N15,000
  • SWIFT Business and Family – N20,000
  • SWIFT Value New – N25,000
  • SWIFT Premium (Capped) – 50GB – N50,000


The complete Swift Nigeria Internet Data Plans and Prices

Updated: July 12, 2017 — 8:47 am


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